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CAMESE - Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export
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AssayNet Canada Inc.
Solutions for automated information systems

is an IT company specializing in LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) for mine-site and environmental labs. AssayNet offers total data management for mine operations, making data available in real time from around the world to corporate offices. AssayNet has built its success on deep industry knowledge, with all implementation, installation and site training done by its internal support group working 24/7 to assist in any time zone. Flagship system LIMS.NET is robust, scalable and user friendly; uses a server-centric architecture; and offers high-end features such as web access, barcoded sample tracking, and integrated QA/QC to assay labs. Immediate benefits to labs include a centralized data system with automated data exporting to clients, reduced turnaround time and labor costs, and compliance with ISO 17025 and National Instrument 43-101 of TXS. Products and services are available in English, Spanish and French, and programs can be used in different languages concurrently.

Tania Orduz, Marketing & Sales
Address: 17 York Street, Suite 403
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5S7 Canada
Phone: 1-613-231-8444
Fax: 1-613-231-5552

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LIMS2003--Laboratory Information Management Systems
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