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Multi-Power Products Ltd.
Drilling equipment manufacture, sales and service

Multi-Power Products Ltd. is Canada’s most versatile manufacturer of turnkey drill rig systems, components and ancillary equipment, with a present product offering that ranges from heli-portable Pioneer auger and Discovery core drills to its large Explorer reverse-circulation track systems. Water supply pumps, foot clamps and chucks, heli-portable air/booster compressors, cyclones and drill heads are just some of the items on its ancillary equipment list. While primarily catering to the mineral exploration market, Multi-Power has expanded its product range to service the geotechnical, geothermal, geophysical and seismic industries worldwide. Aided by sophisticated 3D engineering software and computer simulation, Multi-Power’s experienced team of project managers and engineers provides integrated solutions tailored to your most demanding specifications. With its commitment to continually improving its products to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs, Multi-Power explores the latest technologies and incorporates them in equipment that delivers enhanced performance, efficiency and safety.

Thomas Ulm, Sales & Marketing Manager
Address: 975 Crowley Avenue
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 9R6 Canada
Phone: 1-250-860-6969
Fax: 1-250-860-3340

Drilling Equipment & Supplies
Product Trademarks or Brand Names
Pioneer: Auger/Core Drills
Discovery: Core Drills
Explorer: Reverse Circulation Track/Truck Systems
Hornet: Reverse Circulation Heli-Portable/Ttrack Drills
Geopower: Air/Mud Rotary Track/Truck Drills
Prospector: Reverse Circulation Track/Truck Drills
Products, Services and Technologies
 : Exploration : Diamond Drilling
 : Exploration : Diamond Exploration Services
 : Exploration : Drilling
 : Exploration : Geotechnical Instruments
 : Exploration : Reverse Circulation Drilling
 : General : Air Compressors
 : General : Construction
 : Surface Mining : Drilling Equipment
 : Surface Mining : Hydraulic Components
 : Underground Mining : Drilling Services : Drill Rigs and Jumbos

Country Interests  

World Trading Regions


CAMESE's "Country Interests" feature presents trading regions and countries abroad where members have representation to offer local support and service to other Canadian mining suppliers, clients and trading partners. CAMESE members can also look to Canadian Trade Commission officers located in more than 140 cities worldwide for help to assess their export potential, identify key foreign contacts for them and/or obtain relevant advice and intelligence they need to set up offices overseas at


Representative: Thomas Ulm -- seeks representation worldwide
Phone: 1-250-860-6969  Fax: 1-250-860-3340
Services: Exploration Drilling Equipment Manufacturer


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