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Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd. (Geophysical Surveys)
Explore deeper and smarter with 3D Pulse EM

Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd. provides worldwide geophysical surveys and manufactures Pulse EM equipment – the leading time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) system for surface and borehole mineral exploration (see Geophysical Instrumentation section). With a staff of experienced operators, geophysicists and manufacturing personnel, Crone delivers top-quality survey design, data collection, processing and interpretation with an unmatched level of support from the people who built the equipment. Crone’s crews are trained extensively to safely and efficiently collect high-quality data under difficult conditions, anywhere in the world. Since 1962, Crone has had a proud record of detecting and pinpointing conductors at great distances from boreholes or from surface, and new tools such as SQUID and fluxgate sensors, sensor arrays, and higher power have added to that success story. Significant cost savings in the exploration for base metals, gold, uranium, diamonds and other minerals can therefore be realized with Crone’s leading-edge geophysical instrumentation and services.

Bill Ravenhurst, President
Brad Malpage, General Manager
Address: 2135 Meadowpine Boulevard
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 6L5 Canada
Phone: 1-905-814-0100
Fax: 1-905-814-8617

Geophysical Surveys & Consulting
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Time Domain EM
Pulse EM
PEM - Fluxgate
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