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Shaw Almex Industries
Leader in conveyor belt vulcanizing and repair equipment

Shaw Almex Industries is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of a full range of vulcanizers and presses for splicing all types of belting and stationary presses for the fabrication of flat and profile conveyor belting. Almex continues to revolutionize the conveyor industry with innovative products, including the TiONE Titanium Press, featuring a game-changing modular design, which is extremely durable, lightweight and easily maintained. Almex also offers the Almex Dust Suppression System that reduces costs, operates safer and cleaner, and improves productivity. The Fusion Systems division of Almex Group provides splicing tools and repair materials to complement the advanced Almex conveyor belt vulcanizers. New to the product line up is the EZ Fix Max, a complete conveyor repair kit designed to dramatically extend the life of your conveyor belt.

Tim Shaw, President & CEO
Susan Moir, Director, Vulcanizer Sales
Address: Shaw Almex Drive
P.O. Box 430
Parry Sound, Ontario
P2A 2X4 Canada
Phone: 1-705-746-5884
Phone Toll Free: 1-800-461-4351
Fax: 1-705-746-9484

Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Systems & Engineering Services
Product Trademarks or Brand Names
Almex Unipress--splices conveyor belting
Products, Services and Technologies
 : Bulk Materials Handling : Conveyors
 : Bulk Materials Handling : Conveyors : Belts (Light and Heavy Duty)
 : Bulk Materials Handling : Conveyors : Belts (Light and Heavy Duty) : Repair Pulley Lagging
 : Bulk Materials Handling : Conveyors : Conveyer Belt Vulcanizers
 : Bulk Materials Handling : Conveyors : Conveyor Belt Engineering Support
 : Bulk Materials Handling : Conveyors : Conveyor Belt Repair
 : Bulk Materials Handling : Conveyors : Hot and Cold Splicing of Conveyor Belts

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CAMESE's "Country Interests" feature presents trading regions and countries abroad where members have representation to offer local support and service to other Canadian mining suppliers, clients and trading partners. CAMESE members can also look to Canadian Trade Commission officers located in more than 140 cities worldwide for help to assess their export potential, identify key foreign contacts for them and/or obtain relevant advice and intelligence they need to set up offices overseas at


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