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GEM Systems
Overhauser, potassium and proton precession magnetometer technologies


GEM Systems is a world leader in high-precision magnetometers for mineral and oil exploration, environmental, UXO applications and earthquake research. GEM Systems pioneered the most precise potassium magnetometer and the high-speed Overhauser. Ground systems include magnetometers and gradiometers available in walking mode and featuring integrated GPS and optional VLF EM for shallow resistivity mapping. Airborne systems include magnetometer and VLF sensors and towed bird systems for single sensor and gradiometer applications. Earth monitoring systems include the dIdD vector magnetometer for measuring precise changes in earth declination and inclination, and the Super Gradiometer for measuring very subtle gradient field changes. UAV solutions include the ultra-lightweight potassium high-precision UAV mag and lightweight Airbird towed system for magnetometer surveys from drones and a fixed wing gradiometer UAV. GEM also manufactures a stabilized magnetic field system for experimentation and calibration. Systems are turnkey, reliable and available with various options and configurations and 3-year warranty.

Geraldo Pinto, International Business Development Manager
Shawn Kovacs, Ph.D. Candidate, Sales and Marketing
Address: 135 Spy Court
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5H6 Canada
Phone: 1-905-752-2202
Fax: 1-905-752-2205

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