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CAMESE - Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export
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Mira Geoscience Ltd.
Software and consulting services for the mining industry

Since 1999, Mira Geoscience has supplied the mining industry with the best tools and solutions to deliver better, faster business decisions in mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment with a focus on 3D and 4D modelling and data management solutions. Mira Geoscience provides software and consulting services for the creation of sound 3D geological models using an approach that eliminates ambiguity and decreases uncertainty within 3D models, supported and cross-validated by multiple datasets. Guiding asset teams on working together on a shared interpretation of geological, geophysical, geochemical and geotechnical data in order to build an integrated model of a complete geological framework, Mira Geoscience believes understanding the relationships between geology, geophysical responses and rock properties is the key to success. With offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Sudbury, Brisbane and Perth, Mira Geoscience works with an extensive network of mining industry technical experts to bring the right team to your project challenges.

Gervais Perron, Director, Business Development
Peter Goulet, CPA, CA, Chief Operating Officer
Address: 310 Victoria Avenue, Suite 309
Westmount, Quebec
H3Z 2M9 Canada
Phone: 1-514-489-1890

Consulting Geologists & Engineers
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