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Instrumentation GDD Inc.
A reliable manufacturer of leading-edge geophysical instruments

Since 1976, Instrumentation GDD Inc. has manufactured, sold, rented and developed innovative and dependable geophysical instruments for exploration and mining. For induced polarization or resistivity surveys, use the 32-channel IP Receiver, the GRx8mini and any of its 1,800W-3,600W-5,000W(15A)/2,400V IP Transmitters (up to 10,000W/4,800V). The innovative Sample Core IP Tester (SCIP) measures full-wave electrical properties (IP/resistivity) of core samples. The handheld MPP probe and new MPP3wifi instantaneously record conductivity and magnetic susceptibility of drill cores, rock samples and outcrops. The Beep Mat, with GPS, samples grounds to detect and localize sulphides, gossans or floats to 3m below the surface. The SSW-EM Probe logs blast holes outlining ore limits before selectively loading explosives. The NordicEM24, a 24-bit/8-channel EM Receiver, tested successfully with SQUIDs and coils, now comes with the EM-IP Tx Controller, allowing GPS synchronization for IP surveys and recording real-time current. EM and IP post-process software-enhancing survey results are also available.

Pierre Gaucher, P.Eng., MBA, President
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Quebec, Quebec
G1X 4B7 Canada
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