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Terraplus Inc.
One of the largest suppliers of geophysical instruments

One of the world’s largest suppliers of geophysical instruments, Terraplus offers a vast selection of reliable products for a wide spectrum of applications, including mining exploration (magnetometers, gamma and infrared spectrometers, induced polarization, magnetic susceptibility/conductivity meters, borehole logging equipment, HLEM and TDEM systems); water exploration (resistivity meters, HLEM, TDEM, CSAMT, and borehole logging equipment); environmental and engineering investigations (gradiometers, ground penetrating radar (GPR), electric resistivity tomography (ERT), conductivity meters, seismographs); geotechnical applications (borehole logging equipment, including acoustic and optical televiewers, full wave sonic, conductivity probes); oil and gas exploration (MT, seismic systems for surface, marine and borehole applications (VSP systems, gyros)); and geothermal, UXO, archeology, utility locating and concrete investigations. Terraplus’ 25 years of experience qualifies the company to help you select the appropriate instrumentation for your needs. Its experience and vast selection also allow you to reduce shipping and training costs by consolidating purchases with one experienced source: Terraplus.

Claude Meunier, President
Address: 52 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 12
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 1L9 Canada
Phone: 1-905-764-5505
Fax: 1-905-764-8093

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