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Maestro Mine Ventilation
Top-quality underground ventilation systems

Maestro Mine Ventilation provides ventilation solutions to improve underground work environments and extend miners lives while also allowing companies to increase production, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases. Maestro has collaborated with some of the largest global mining companies and mine research centers to understand the key requirements for this specialized field. Maestro is a benefit to people responsible for mine ventilation, management and automation who are concerned with worker health and safety, productivity and energy savings. Maestro’s vision is to become the main facilitator of automated mine ventilation systems by providing advanced instrumentation for measurement and control. If you want to reduce your power consumption and costs for top quality air systems in your mining operations, you need to contact Maestro Mine Ventilation.

Michael Gribbons, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Address: 87 Magill Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3Y 1K6 Canada
Phone: 1-705-805-6918
Fax: 1-705-222-6290

Ventilation Equipment & Components
Products, Services and Technologies

 : Environment : Dust Control
 : Environment : Environmental Control
 : Environment : Health Risk Reduction
 : Environment : Health and Safety
 : Environment : Ventilation
 : Environment : Ventilation : Ducts or Ducting Systems
 : Environment : Ventilation : Dust Collector Pipes
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Air Conditioning
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Automation
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Ducting; Collapsible
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Equipment
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Fans Centrifugal/Axial
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Fans; Auxillary
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Fans; Main Ventilation
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Fans; Ventilator
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Heating

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