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Analytical Laboratories & Supplies
Geochemical, ore, process and environmental sample analysis; umpire assay services; laboratory equipment; density measurements; conductivity measurements; susceptibility; IP/resistivity.
Asset Liquidation Consultants
Asset evaluations for pricing, surplus asset sales, mine closure equipment liquidations, used equipment sales.
Activities of national, provincial and regional trade associations for the Canadian mining industry.
Automation & Communications
Expertise, equipment and technology for process and machinery automation; business intelligence tools; robotics; underground and surface communications; vehicle automation, monitoring and safety.
Buildings, Permanent and Portable
Steel building systems, turnkey camp rental, structures for housing, storage and many other applications.
Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Systems & Engineering Services
Components, equipment, engineering design and consulting services for moving bulk materials including fabricators of skips, cages, loaders, unloaders, mine-cars, rock breakers, samplers, conveyor systems, rollers, idlers, pulleys, vulcanizers, mixers, filters, speed reducers, gear-motors; stackers, reclaimers, grizzlies, chutes, chute loading systems, slusher hoists, tramp metal detectors, belt rip detection systems, drive control systems, abrasion resistant piping, castings and gears.
Camera Systems, Mobile
Thermal night vision cameras, no-drill laptop mounts, remote control floodlights, side-view cameras, backup cameras, video accident recorders; truck video products; digital incident/accident recording systems; rear-view video systems; submersible lamps; emergency lighting, warning lights, D.O.T. lighting, backup cameras, reversing aids.
Compressors, Air
Screw and reciprocating compressor packages.
Consulting Geologists & Engineers
Services in geology, project development, ore reserve estimation, feasibility studies; due diligence, project monitoring, failure analysis, engineering for mining, metallurgy, mechanical, civil, electrical, geotechnical; turnkey contracting, research and development.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Companies have a responsibility to provide principles and performance guidelines that respect all stakeholders equally within the corporate framework including employees, customers, local communities and shareholders.
Diesel Engines & Accessories
Exhaust insulation.
Doors for mining and plant applications.
Drilling Contract Services
Diamond core, rotary, reverse circulation, raising, surface and underground contract drilling services.
Drilling Equipment & Supplies
Drilling underground and surface: hydraulic, pneumatic, reverse circulation, in-the-hole drills, jumbos, raise-boring equipment; auger drilling rods, drill steel and parts, hammers, diamond and button bits, drill fluids, pump systems, carbide bit re-furbishing, seals, wireline accessories.
Education & Training
Products and services for training personnel in mining skills, training program development.
Electric Power Equipment
Electrical components and management tools, power resistors, power cables, power cable couplers, ground fault protection systems, electric drive raise climbers, ruggedized equipment, starters, high voltage equipment, switchgear, electric generators, batteries.
Engineering Contractors
Engineering, procurement, construction and management services.
Environmental Equipment & Services
Information, professional services and technologies covering environmental science, planning and engineering for mines and processing; treatment of sewage and acid mine effluents; mine closure services, engine emissions control, water treatment equipment and services, wastewater treatment, environmentally sound exploration practices; portable storage systems; liquid logistics; on-site storage tanks for water and fuel; pest control; secondary containment for hazardous fluids both military and commercial.
Equipment Maintenance & Repair
Solutions to unique maintenance and repair problems, filtration including bypass filtration, rebuilds, portable align boring machines, abrasion resistant steel, blades, wear studs, plastic components, abrasion and corrosion resistant coatings, rewinds and repairs to motors, repairs and replacements for bushings, wear plate impact pads and lining materials, jacks, welding supplies, ground engaging tools, tires.
Finance Consultants & Services
Services including financing, banking, tariffs, overseas fees, e-commerce trade, international investments and loans, taxes, accounting or tax preparation software, contract support and customs documentation.
Fuel Transportation & Storage Equipment
Fuel and liquid handling equipment and services.
Geophysical Instrumentation
Airborne, surface and borehole instrumentation for mineral exploration and other applications, including electromagnetics, magnetics, magnetotellurics, induced polarization, seismic, surveying.
Geophysical Surveys & Consulting
Ground, airborne and borehole geophysical survey contractors and consultants for mineral exploration and mapping; compilation, processing, enhancement and interpretation of data; software for geophysical interpretation.
Government Relations & International Development
Services including information and services to develop and increase export and trade activities, lobbying and advocacy services at federal and provincial government levels, global procurement, regulatory affairs management, issues and public policy management, consulting services for international investing and marketing projects abroad, information services for in-country local sales/ manufacturing/production processes and procedures, communication services.
Ground Control Equipment & Supplies
Equipment, supplies and applicators for grouting, shotcrete, abrasion-resistant piping, paste backfill, rock bolting, seismic monitoring and geotechnical instrumentation.
Grouting Equipment & Services
Onsite grouting services and supplies for water inflow projects.
Health & Safety
Health and safety supplies, footwear, cap lamps, communications and charging systems, protection systems integration, warning systems, worker protection systems and components; health risk management and environmental disease detection.
Heating & Cooling Equipment, Portable
Diesel air and water heaters, portable HVAC units.
Hoisting Equipment & Accessories
Services for the design, supply, upgrading and refurbishment of mine hoists, rack and pinion hoists, winches, tuggers, sheaves, slushers, wire rope and wire rope testing equipment.
Hydraulic Components & Accessories
Fluid and filtration products.
Information & Marketing Services
Services including advertising, e-commerce, mining sector information, marketing, corporate image development, print and electronic publishing, and tradeshow exhibitions.
Insurance Consultants & Services
Services including life, group and business insurance, classes of executive and business risk insurance, product and cargo risk management, specialized solutions peculiar to mining industry needs.
Legal Consultants & Services
Services including legal advisors, intellectual property protection, international law, due diligence, mining closures, real estate for mining industry projects, property dissolution, liability protection, litigation and ransom negotiations.
Lubricants and lubrication technology.
Management Consulting Services
Consultation on social aspects of mining development; mineral policy and mining legislation; mineral resource data management; human resource management; employee search and selection; intellectual property protection, representation services.
Mapping Services
Digital topographic and orthophoto mapping; geomatics; land surveying; GPS surveying, satellite image.
Mine Maintenance, Repair & Operation Tools or Supplies
Any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical device that if out of order or broken requires fixing with the applicable tools or supplies.
Mine Site Construction
Various equipment and components, including wood, steel and high-density polyethylene construction products, corrugated metal construction, land surveying.
Mineral Processing - Pumps, Pipes & Valves
Abrasion-resistant pipe, high density polyethylene pipe and fittings.
Mineral Processing Equipment & Supplies
Crushers and parts, grinders, ore-processing plants, electrical motors, grinding rod, mill liners, process heating equipment, centrifugal concentrators, wet and dry process filtration, electrolytic cells, process control samplers, retorts, grizzlies, screens, pumps, pump parts, castings and assemblies, clarifiers, samplers, mixers, dryers, filters, agglomerators, cyclones, gears, ceramic corrosion-resistant lining systems, rubber products such as abrasion-resistant liners, corrosion control coatings, pinch valves, hoses and expansion joints, rubber components, fiberglass reinforced parts such as pipe, grating and solvent extraction systems, abrasion-resistant piping, remanufactured and used equipment.
Mineral Processing Services
Process engineering; mineral processing, hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical and refining design and testing; crusher refurbishment; flowsheet development; pilot plants; new, remanufactured and custom-designed equipment for mineral processing.
Mining Engineering & Contracting
Contract services for shaft sinking, raise boring, mine development and mining; engineering services, including mining, metallurgical, mechanical, civil, electrical and geotechnical; turnkey contracting; ground control; construction services; surveying.
Mining Instrumentation
Control and monitoring instrumentation, airflow monitoring; laser alignment, cavity monitoring, tramp metal detection, drill hole surveying, gas and environmental monitoring, geotechnical monitoring.
Packaging Services
Services including design and manufacturing of packaging, crating export packaging, tracking, vacuum sealing cargo, packaging dangerous goods, loading containers, as well as project management and warehousing.
Risk Management Consultants & Services
Specialized services in risk insurance management of personnel, property, goods, equipment and underground mining or mining projects.
Smelting and Refining Equipment & Services
Process consultants; copper electro-winning equipment; material handling equipment; automation services; insulators for hydrometallurgical refining industry, Tuyère punchers; insulators.
Management, processing, analysis, display and presentation of exploration, mining, geomechanics, process and environmental data; ore reserve calculations; mine-wide information systems, process control and optimization; mine planning, GIS; training; laboratory information systems; hardware and business software, information technology systems.
Surface Mobile Equipment & Components
New and used surface mining machinery, dumpers, pins and bushings, engine cooling fans, climate control systems, haulers, hydraulic seals, pistons, pumps and bearings, wheels, rims, tires, tire handlers and manipulators, machinery parts and attachments, braking resistors, brake systems, clutch systems, cable reelers, dozer blades, buckets; gears; used and reconditioned equipment.
Trade Consultants
E-commerce development and strategies; services for export promotion, subcontractor searching, advice on international market planning and development, financial support, and tradeshow consulting.
Translation & Interpretation Services
Direct and value-added translation services including unique cultural applications to professional, marketing, export/customs, financial and legal documents.
Transportation & Logistics Service Providers
Services including customs documentation, shipping, materials handling, document preparation and cargo tracking, logistics software, export packaging, logistics, transportation, supply chain management, freight forwarding, third-party contract charters for air/sea, transportation management, risk management and heavy lift.
Transportation Equipment, Accessories & Services
Rail car covers, flat cars, highway trailers, tracked vehicles, intermodal equipment and containers, trucking and intermodal haulage, bulk handling.
Underground Vehicles, Equipment & Components
New and used underground mining equipment; diesel engines, wheels, rims, tires, tire manipulators, rack and pinion hoists, machinery parts and attachments, including powertrain components, buckets, tanks, hydraulic seals, gears, castings, braking systems, wear products, electrical and automation systems, mobile service equipment.
Ventilation Equipment & Components
Ventilation fans; flexible ducting and accessories; airflow metering systems, gas sensors, venting systems.
Water Treatment Equipment & Services
Technologies for acid mine drainage treatment, water purification, wastewater treatment.

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