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CAMESE - Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export
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Analytical Laboratories & Supplies
Geochemical, ore, process and environmental sample analysis; umpire assay services; laboratory equipment; density measurements; conductivity measurements; susceptibility; IP/resistivity.
Activation Laboratories Ltd.
Innovative geochemistry for mineral research and exploration
Laval Lab Inc.
Leading supplier of laboratory and pilot plant equipment
Saskatchewan Research Council
Smart mining solutions
Sight Power Inc.
Underground data-modeling systems and technology solutions
Asset Liquidation Consultants
Asset evaluations for pricing, surplus asset sales, mine closure equipment liquidations, used equipment sales.
The Mackwood Group of Companies Ltd.
Asset appraisals, mine closure liquidations and equipment sales
Activities of national, provincial and regional trade associations for the Canadian mining industry.
48Nord International
Your Abitibi-Témiscamingue international trade office
Successful mining from Canada to the world
Canadian Diamond Drilling Association
National and provincial voice of the drilling industry
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM)
Leading society of Canadian minerals, metals & energy professionals
Export Québec
Helping Québec members prepare to export
Greater Sudbury Development Corporation
Building economic development partnerships for Sudbury’s mining community
Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)
The voice of Canada’s mineral exploration and development industry
The Mining Association of Canada (MAC)
The voice of the Canadian mining industry since 1935
Automation & Communications
Expertise, equipment and technology for process and machinery automation; business intelligence tools; robotics; underground and surface communications; vehicle automation, monitoring and safety.
Becker Mining Systems
Smart underground communications systems for mining
Denson Automation Inc.
Control application solutions for industrial customers and OEMs
Hepburn Engineering Inc. (Automation)
Complete hoisting systems, electrical controls, software and automation
HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc.
The world’s most trusted remote control company
K4 Integration Inc.
Experts in the application of technology in mining
Underground communications and radio remote control systems
Minelec Limited
Failsafe LV conveyor monitoring control and mine communications
Northern Light Technologies Inc.
Best-in-class communications and lighting solutions
Penguin Automated Systems Inc.
Tele-operation and mine automation solution development and commercialization
Phoenix Contact Ltd.
Worldwide leader in industrial automation solutions manufacturing
S&P Global Market Intelligence
The single-source solution for global mining intelligence
Buildings, Permanent and Portable
Steel building systems, turnkey camp rental, structures for housing, storage and many other applications.
Canada’s largest manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings
Britespan Building Systems Inc.
Steel-framed, fabric-covered buildings
Future Buildings
Quality prefabricated steel buildings at factory-direct prices
Porcupine Canvas Manufacturing Ltd.
Canvas goods and products for mining and exploration
Sprung Structures Ltd.
High-performance fabric structures
Triodetic (a div. of Plaintree Systems Inc.)
Space frame structures for long span stockpile enclosures
Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Systems & Engineering Services
Components, equipment, engineering design and consulting services for moving bulk materials including fabricators of skips, cages, loaders, unloaders, mine-cars, rock breakers, samplers, conveyor systems, rollers, idlers, pulleys, vulcanizers, mixers, filters, speed reducers, gear-motors; stackers, reclaimers, grizzlies, chutes, chute loading systems, slusher hoists, tramp metal detectors, belt rip detection systems, drive control systems, abrasion resistant piping, castings and gears.
AG Mining Equipment Inc.
Bulk materials
B.I.D. Bulk Material Handling Systems
Custom bulk material-handling solutions and equipment since 1981
Carriere Industrial
Prosper from outstanding people delivering exceptional value
DESCH Canada Ltd.
Complete system solutions for surface and salt mining
Generation 2 Filtration
One micron filtration prolonging equipment and oil life
Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
Bulk material handling equipment experts since 1953
Maritime Hydraulic
Custom and highly specialized hydraulic systems
Mécanicad Inc.
Plastic specialists servicing the mining industry
Multicrete Systems Inc.
Complete shotcrete, concrete and grout equipment solutions
Nordstrong Equipment Limited
Material handling solutions from concept to completion
Phoenix Extreme Conveyor Belt Solutions
Including belts previous branded as Veyance Technologies
PROMAT Engineering Sales (2003) Inc.
Trust PROMAT’s experience in business
REEL Alesa Ltd.
Tailor-made material handling solutions, start to finish
Shaw Almex Industries
Leader in conveyor belt vulcanizing and repair equipment
Standard Machine
Precision solutions
TS Manufacturing
Rugged, dependable conveyors and mining structures – installed worldwide
Camera Systems, Mobile
Thermal night vision cameras, no-drill laptop mounts, remote control floodlights, side-view cameras, backup cameras, video accident recorders; truck video products; digital incident/accident recording systems; rear-view video systems; submersible lamps; emergency lighting, warning lights, D.O.T. lighting, backup cameras, reversing aids.
Minewise Technology Ltd.
Remote video LHD mucking and video inspection gear
Motion Metrics
Advanced monitoring solutions for mines and quarries
PROVIX = Now I can see!
Compressors, Air
Screw and reciprocating compressor packages.
Airworks Compressors Corp.
Next generation mobile air compressor systems
Consulting Geologists & Engineers
Services in geology, project development, ore reserve estimation, feasibility studies; due diligence, project monitoring, failure analysis, engineering for mining, metallurgy, mechanical, civil, electrical, geotechnical; turnkey contracting, research and development.
AMC Consultants
Innovative, practical solutions to complex engineering problems
CEMI - Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation
Poised to be a global leader in mining innovation
Golder Associates Ltd.
Global organization providing consulting, design and construction services
Kansc Consulting Ltd.
International geoconsulting and exploration technology
Lassing Dibben Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Engineering solutions for bulk material handling systems worldwide
Mira Geoscience Ltd.
Software and consulting services for the mining industry
Piteau Associates
Meeting geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental engineering challenges worldwide
SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.
Consulting assistance from grassroots exploration through to closure
Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN)
The business of mining: below 2.5km
XPS Consulting & Testwork Services
Metallurgical technology services and testwork
Corporate Social Responsibility
Companies have a responsibility to provide principles and performance guidelines that respect all stakeholders equally within the corporate framework including employees, customers, local communities and shareholders.
PDAC – e3Plus: A Framework for Responsible Exploration
A PDAC corporate social responsibility initiative
Diesel Engines & Accessories
Exhaust insulation.
Firwin Corp.
Covering your exhaust insulation needs
Doors for mining and plant applications.
TNR Industrial Doors
Manufacturer of special purpose high-performance doors
Drilling Contract Services
Diamond core, rotary, reverse circulation, raising, surface and underground contract drilling services.
Energold Drilling Group
Environmentally sensitive innovations in specialized drilling
Orbit Garant Drilling Services Inc.
A leader in the global drilling industry
Drilling Equipment & Supplies
Drilling underground and surface: hydraulic, pneumatic, reverse circulation, in-the-hole drills, jumbos, raise-boring equipment; auger drilling rods, drill steel and parts, hammers, diamond and button bits, drill fluids, pump systems, carbide bit re-furbishing, seals, wireline accessories.
Atlas Copco Exploration Products
Diamond-core drilling equipment and mineral exploration solutions
Canun International
Pneumatic rock drills – product quality equals productivity
CME Blasting and Mining Equipment Ltd.
Original manufacturer of precision button bit grinding systems
Control Chemical (1989) Corporation
MATEX: Leader in environmentally safe drilling fluids and lubricants
Dimatec Inc.
Diamond drilling tools and precision machining
Exploration and drilling diamond tools, equipment and accessories
Mining and mineral exploration drills, tooling and accessories
Hayden Diamond Bit Industries Ltd.
Designs and manufactures diamond impregnated drill and coring bits
Mansour Mining Technologies Inc.
Market-leading manufacturer of integrated mining supply products
MEDATECH Engineering
Hydraulics, controls and powertrain system design, integration, engineering
Multi-Power Products Ltd.
Drilling equipment manufacture, sales and service
National Compressed Air
Providing innovative compressed air and drilling solutions worldwide
PHQ Global
Canadian manufacturer of pneumatic mining and exploration equipment
Leading supplier of low-ground pressure track vehicles
Western Drilling Tools Inc.
Drilling tools, supplies, machining and repair
Education & Training
Products and services for training personnel in mining skills, training program development.
Training and development services for the mining industry
Electric Power Equipment
Electrical components and management tools, power resistors, power cables, power cable couplers, ground fault protection systems, electric drive raise climbers, ruggedized equipment, starters, high voltage equipment, switchgear, electric generators, batteries.
Adria Manufacturing Inc.
Electrical products for the mining industry
Arkbro Industries (Electric Power)
Equipment for raise mining, horizontal drifts/tunnels, inclined/vertical shafts
Arrow Speed Controls
Speed control for electric motors in North America
DLL Inc.
High quality mechanical, electronic and electrical parts
Mine Cable Services Corporation
Cable connection systems, repair equipment and handling systems
S&C Electric Canada Ltd.
Equipment and services for electric power systems
Staticon Ltd.
DC and AC power supply solutions ... by design
Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd.
Custom power cable coupling systems and modular electrical rooms
Engineering Contractors
Engineering, procurement, construction and management services.
EDC Mining Ltd.
Engineering solutions and professional supervision to ensure success
Progesys Inc.
Industrial plant commissioning, project management and engineering services
Environmental Equipment & Services
Information, professional services and technologies covering environmental science, planning and engineering for mines and processing; treatment of sewage and acid mine effluents; mine closure services, engine emissions control, water treatment equipment and services, wastewater treatment, environmentally sound exploration practices; portable storage systems; liquid logistics; on-site storage tanks for water and fuel; pest control; secondary containment for hazardous fluids both military and commercial.
Canada North Environmental Services (CanNorth)
Quality, cost-effective environmental services for mining developments
Cypher Environmental Ltd.
Solutions for dust and haul-road construction problems
Eco Technologies
Dredging for mine tailings and industrial lagoons
Experts in air pollution control
Saskatchewan Research Council
Smart mining solutions
SEI Industries Ltd.
Engineers remote site liquid logistics and environmental solutions
Environmental solutions for containment and fluid transport
STT Enviro Corp.
Engineered dry bulk chemical and lime slurry systems
Western Heritage
Experts in environmental and heritage management of projects
Equipment Maintenance & Repair
Solutions to unique maintenance and repair problems, filtration including bypass filtration, rebuilds, portable align boring machines, abrasion resistant steel, blades, wear studs, plastic components, abrasion and corrosion resistant coatings, rewinds and repairs to motors, repairs and replacements for bushings, wear plate impact pads and lining materials, jacks, welding supplies, ground engaging tools, tires.
Aciers Lague Wear Parts
Wear protection wherever you need it
Generation 2 Filtration
One micron filtration prolonging equipment and oil life
Global Inspections-NDT Inc.
Mining reliability, improvement and asset optimization condition assessment
JKC Equipment, Parts & Services Inc.
Your OTR tire repair specialist
Normac Adhesive Products Inc.
The protection of high-performance urethane coating systems
Rector Machine Works Ltd.
Customized solutions for your competitive advantage
Valley Blades Limited
Replacement wearing edges for earth and snow removal equipment
VULCAN-VULCAP Industries Inc.
Advanced OTR tire-section repair equipment
Finance Consultants & Services
Services including financing, banking, tariffs, overseas fees, e-commerce trade, international investments and loans, taxes, accounting or tax preparation software, contract support and customs documentation.
Cambridge FX
Innovative foreign exchange specialists connecting you to success
Foreign exchange, international payments and risk management
Export Development Canada
Helping Canadian mining suppliers go, grow and succeed internationally
Fuel Transportation & Storage Equipment
Fuel and liquid handling equipment and services.
SEI Industries Ltd.
Engineers remote site liquid logistics and environmental solutions
Geophysical Instrumentation
Airborne, surface and borehole instrumentation for mineral exploration and other applications, including electromagnetics, magnetics, magnetotellurics, induced polarization, seismic, surveying.
Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd. (Geophysical Instrumentation)
Explore deeper and smarter with 3D Pulse EM
GEM Systems
Overhauser, potassium and proton precession magnetometer technologies
Geonics Limited
Electromagnetic geophysical instrumentation for exploration and the environment
Instrumentation GDD Inc.
A reliable manufacturer of leading-edge geophysical instruments
Phoenix Geophysics Ltd.
Save money – focus your drilling with geophysics
Terraplus Inc.
One of the largest suppliers of geophysical instruments
Geophysical Surveys & Consulting
Ground, airborne and borehole geophysical survey contractors and consultants for mineral exploration and mapping; compilation, processing, enhancement and interpretation of data; software for geophysical interpretation.
Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd. (Geophysical Surveys)
Explore deeper and smarter with 3D Pulse EM
Groundradar Consulting Inc.
The world’s most experienced GPR service provider
Renishaw (Canada) Limited
Laser scanning and measurement systems
Sander Geophysics Ltd.
High-resolution airborne surveys
Government Relations & International Development
Services including information and services to develop and increase export and trade activities, lobbying and advocacy services at federal and provincial government levels, global procurement, regulatory affairs management, issues and public policy management, consulting services for international investing and marketing projects abroad, information services for in-country local sales/ manufacturing/production processes and procedures, communication services.
Business Beyond
Your doorway to Ottawa support and markets abroad
Successful mining from Canada to the world
Opportunities New Brunswick
Your business partner on the ground in New Brunswick
Ground Control Equipment & Supplies
Equipment, supplies and applicators for grouting, shotcrete, abrasion-resistant piping, paste backfill, rock bolting, seismic monitoring and geotechnical instrumentation.
ConMICO Inc.
Ground support systems you can build on
Mansour Mining Technologies Inc.
Market-leading manufacturer of integrated mining supply products
Grouting Equipment & Services
Onsite grouting services and supplies for water inflow projects.
Grouting professionals – water control for underground mines
Health & Safety
Health and safety supplies, footwear, cap lamps, communications and charging systems, protection systems integration, warning systems, worker protection systems and components; health risk management and environmental disease detection.
MWG Chile S.P.A.
Innovative and cutting-edge personal protective wear
Northern Light Technologies Inc.
Best-in-class communications and lighting solutions
STC Footwear Inc.
Supplier of comfortable, durable, custom-crafted safety footwear
Heating & Cooling Equipment, Portable
Diesel air and water heaters, portable HVAC units.
Frost Fighter Inc.
Reliable and durable portable climate-control systems
Polar Mobility Research Ltd.
HVAC systems for extreme climates and hazardous environments
Hoisting Equipment & Accessories
Services for the design, supply, upgrading and refurbishment of mine hoists, rack and pinion hoists, winches, tuggers, sheaves, slushers, wire rope and wire rope testing equipment.
Hepburn Engineering Inc. (Hoisting)
Complete hoisting systems, electrical controls, software and automation
Mine Hoists International Limited
Your single source for mine hoisting plant services
Rotesco Inc.
World leading non-destructive testing of steel-wire ropes
Hydraulic Components & Accessories
Fluid and filtration products.
Checkfluid Inc.
First step in oil analysis sampling
Wainbee Limited
Technical and supply-chain solutions for automation and control
Information & Marketing Services
Services including advertising, e-commerce, mining sector information, marketing, corporate image development, print and electronic publishing, and tradeshow exhibitions.
BIG Mining LP
The Northern Miner
Canadian Mining Journal
Quality editorial on Canada’s mining & mineral processing industries
Successful communication begins with howe&wye
Worldwide mining portal site and business centre online
Marac Enterprises Inc.
Tradeshow meeting planners and marketing logistics experts
Resource World Magazine
Investment opportunities and industry news
Signature Group of Companies
Creative solutions for your brand image
Insurance Consultants & Services
Services including life, group and business insurance, classes of executive and business risk insurance, product and cargo risk management, specialized solutions peculiar to mining industry needs.
Beneplan Inc.
Savings and refunds on employee group benefits plans
Legal Consultants & Services
Services including legal advisors, intellectual property protection, international law, due diligence, mining closures, real estate for mining industry projects, property dissolution, liability protection, litigation and ransom negotiations.
Gowling WLG
Registered patent agent
Lubricants and lubrication technology.
Fireball Equipment Ltd.
Open pit and underground fueling and lubrication systems
Management Consulting Services
Consultation on social aspects of mining development; mineral policy and mining legislation; mineral resource data management; human resource management; employee search and selection; intellectual property protection, representation services.
EDC Mining Ltd.
Engineering solutions and professional supervision to ensure success
GeoResources Risk Solutions Inc.
Adding value by providing enterprise risk management support
Global Growth
Helping companies accelerate domestic and international market growth
Ridout & Maybee LLP
Patent strategies for mining innovation
Santana Advisor (9269-1955 Quebec Inc.)
Experts in human resources and international business management
The Claim Group Inc.
Professional land management experience for the mining industry
Mapping Services
Digital topographic and orthophoto mapping; geomatics; land surveying; GPS surveying, satellite image.
Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc.
Experts in geospatial solutions for the mining industry
Mine Maintenance, Repair & Operation Tools or Supplies
Any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical device that if out of order or broken requires fixing with the applicable tools or supplies.
Globe Metal Inc.
Recycling specialists blueprinting the zero waste initiative
IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems Ltd.
Affordable solutions for heavy-duty cleanup needs worldwide
Mine Site Construction
Various equipment and components, including wood, steel and high-density polyethylene construction products, corrugated metal construction, land surveying.
Advanced engineering solutions in crossings and retaining walls
Armtec Limited Partnership
Steel culvert and high-density polyethylene construction products
EBC Inc.
Meeting your wide range of construction needs
Mineral Processing - Pumps, Pipes & Valves
Abrasion-resistant pipe, high density polyethylene pipe and fittings.
DYNAPRO Equipment Ltd.
Manufacturer of pumps and innovative pumping solutions
KPM Ltd.
Abrasive pumping at half the cost
Fast and effective mining pumps and dewatering solutions
Mineral Processing Equipment & Supplies
Crushers and parts, grinders, ore-processing plants, electrical motors, grinding rod, mill liners, process heating equipment, centrifugal concentrators, wet and dry process filtration, electrolytic cells, process control samplers, retorts, grizzlies, screens, pumps, pump parts, castings and assemblies, clarifiers, samplers, mixers, dryers, filters, agglomerators, cyclones, gears, ceramic corrosion-resistant lining systems, rubber products such as abrasion-resistant liners, corrosion control coatings, pinch valves, hoses and expansion joints, rubber components, fiberglass reinforced parts such as pipe, grating and solvent extraction systems, abrasion-resistant piping, remanufactured and used equipment.
AFX Mixing & Pumping Technologies
Agitation and mixing equipment and peristaltic hose pumps
American Biltrite
Premium abrasion-resistant rubber for total protection
Berba Mining Business Inc.
Over 20 years’ experience in the Middle East
Boundary Equipment Co. Ltd.
Engineered wear parts for mining, material handling, smelting
Bradken Mill Liners
Premium grinding mill liners and mill liner systems
Canadian Wear Technologies
Wear solutions for critical and severe applications
Fabrithane Industrial Products Inc.
Manufacturer of cast-urethane wear parts
Fournier Industries Inc.
From design and detailed engineering to field installation
Hayward Gordon ULC
Supplier of agitators to the mineral processing industry
Heath & Sherwood
Sampling systems, online XRF analysis, Tuyère Line Products
IMP Automation Canada Ltd.
World leader in laboratory optimization and automation
Major Wire Industries Limited
Innovative screening media solutions to maximize production
McCloskey International Ltd.
Manufacturers of portable crushers, screeners and conveyors
Megatraction Equipment Inc.
Specialization equipment to reduce your operation’s costs
Montreal Tractor Inc.
Produces MONTRAC crushing systems
Multotec Canada Limited
High-quality, application-specific process equipment and solutions
NovaFlex Group
Ultimate hose and connector solutions for piping failures
P.R. Engineering Limited (Mineral Processing Equipment and Supplies)
Your crusher specialist (new and reconditioned) since 1965
Polycorp Ltd.
Engineered rubber liners for all grinding mill applications
Precisioneering DKG Corp.
Precision-engineered, corrosion-proof fiberglass products for mineral processing
Manufacturer of steel components and bronze wear parts
State Industries Ltd.
Cast polyurethane solutions cast to last
Tega Industries Canada Inc.
Total solutions for wear and abrasion when separating ores
Tramac Equipment Ltd.
Stationary rock breaker systems and hydraulic attachments
Westpro Machinery Inc.
Your process technology partner since 1985
Mineral Processing Services
Process engineering; mineral processing, hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical and refining design and testing; crusher refurbishment; flowsheet development; pilot plants; new, remanufactured and custom-designed equipment for mineral processing.
World-class expertise in mineral processing
P.R. Engineering Limited (Mineral Processing Services)
Your crusher specialist (new and reconditioned) since 1965
Pultrusion Technique Inc.
Innovative solutions in composite engineering
Saskatchewan Research Council
Smart mining solutions
Mining Engineering & Contracting
Contract services for shaft sinking, raise boring, mine development and mining; engineering services, including mining, metallurgical, mechanical, civil, electrical and geotechnical; turnkey contracting; ground control; construction services; surveying.
DMC Mining Services
Your foremost provider of mining services and solutions
A leading engineering, procurement and construction management firm
Montali Inc.
Mining contractor offering specialized services in underground engineering
Progesys Inc.
Industrial plant commissioning, project management and engineering services
Mining Instrumentation
Control and monitoring instrumentation, airflow monitoring; laser alignment, cavity monitoring, tramp metal detection, drill hole surveying, gas and environmental monitoring, geotechnical monitoring.
Accutron Instruments Inc.
Mine and industrial ventilation monitoring with vent-on-demand
Conspec Controls Ltd.
Defining standards for monitoring, mine control and communications
Corrigan Instruments
MagCorr Magnetic Materials Analyzer manufacturer and supplier
Rapiscan Systems
Experience in metal detection and measuring magnetic components
RST Instruments Ltd.
High-quality geotechnical instruments, at a reasonable cost
Saskatchewan Research Council
Smart mining solutions
Sight Power Inc.
Underground data-modeling systems and technology solutions
Teledyne Optech
World leader in advanced lidar and camera instruments
Packaging Services
Services including design and manufacturing of packaging, crating export packaging, tracking, vacuum sealing cargo, packaging dangerous goods, loading containers, as well as project management and warehousing.
Topax Export Packaging Systems
Protecting assets from transportation and storage hazards
Risk Management Consultants & Services
Specialized services in risk insurance management of personnel, property, goods, equipment and underground mining or mining projects.
Specialists in server uptime and operational continuity
Smelting and Refining Equipment & Services
Process consultants; copper electro-winning equipment; material handling equipment; automation services; insulators for hydrometallurgical refining industry, Tuyère punchers; insulators.
CEC Mining Systems Corporation
Innovative, high-quality mining filtration systems
EPCM Services Ltd.
Cathode manufacturing and tankhouse handling equipment
Mansour Mining Technologies Inc.
Market-leading manufacturer of integrated mining supply products
Management, processing, analysis, display and presentation of exploration, mining, geomechanics, process and environmental data; ore reserve calculations; mine-wide information systems, process control and optimization; mine planning, GIS; training; laboratory information systems; hardware and business software, information technology systems.
AssayNet Canada Inc.
Solutions for automated information systems
Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA Inc.
Mining software solutions
Famic Technologies Inc.
Developing software solutions for system design and simulation
iRing Inc.
Blast design and blast optimization software
Promine Inc.
Geological modeling and mine planning software
ThreeDify Incorporated
Next generation mining software solutions
Surface Mobile Equipment & Components
New and used surface mining machinery, dumpers, pins and bushings, engine cooling fans, climate control systems, haulers, hydraulic seals, pistons, pumps and bearings, wheels, rims, tires, tire handlers and manipulators, machinery parts and attachments, braking resistors, brake systems, clutch systems, cable reelers, dozer blades, buckets; gears; used and reconditioned equipment.
Boundary Equipment Co. Ltd.
Engineered wear parts for mining, material handling, smelting
Hercules Equipment Ltd.
Built tough and designed to perform
Mobile Parts Inc.
Your parts and brake specialist
ORO Design & Manufacturing Ltd.
Mobile service equipment
Phoenix Extreme Conveyor Belt Solutions
Including belts previous branded as Veyance Technologies
Polar Mobility Research Ltd.
HVAC systems for extreme climates and hazardous environments
Reliable Wheel Products Ltd.
Making maintenance of heavy equipment easy and safe
United Mining Rentals
New and used mining equipment rental and ownership
Valley Blades Limited
Replacement wearing edges for earth and snow removal equipment
Vintech Ltd.
Shovel parts, brake assemblies, reagents and QA/QC services
Wabash Manufacturing Inc.
Custom oilfield and mining support vehicle equipment manufacturing
Weldco-Beales Manufacturing
“Attaching value” to heavy equipment
Wire Rope Industries
125 years of expertise in wire rope solutions
Trade Consultants
E-commerce development and strategies; services for export promotion, subcontractor searching, advice on international market planning and development, financial support, and tradeshow consulting.
Successful mining from Canada to the world
Can-Ceed Technologies Ltd.
Your trade bridge with China
FedNor International Business Centre
Helping Northern Ontario businesses increase international trade
Translation & Interpretation Services
Direct and value-added translation services including unique cultural applications to professional, marketing, export/customs, financial and legal documents.
Technovate Translations
Fuelled by urgency and care
Transportation & Logistics Service Providers
Services including customs documentation, shipping, materials handling, document preparation and cargo tracking, logistics software, export packaging, logistics, transportation, supply chain management, freight forwarding, third-party contract charters for air/sea, transportation management, risk management and heavy lift.
AG Logistics
Worldwide over-dimensional transport specialists
Airland Logistics
International logistics: Delivering the impossible daily
Axxess International Inc.
Solving your worldwide importing and exporting needs
Branson International Incorporated
Specialists in exporting and importing project cargo worldwide
Canada Worldwide Services Inc.
Your trusted online shipping service provider for e-commerce
Cole International Inc.
The right solutions to your global logistics needs
Discovery Air Innovations Chile Ltda.
Experienced in helicopter provision, specializing in aerial works
Gillespie-Munro Inc.
Innovative international freight forwarding solutions
ITN Logistics Group
Unique logistics solutions for the mining industry worldwide
Manitoulin Group of Companies
Strengthen your supply chain with the Manitoulin network
R1 Airlines
Fly anywhere, anytime
Rodair International
Specialists handling and transporting heavy-lift cargo worldwide
TAM International Inc.
Specialized and innovative solutions to complex transportation needs
Transportation Equipment, Accessories & Services
Rail car covers, flat cars, highway trailers, tracked vehicles, intermodal equipment and containers, trucking and intermodal haulage, bulk handling.
Ecofab Maintenance Ltd.
Rigid, easily removable fiberglass railcar covers
Kal Tire
Innovative solutions to maximize tire life
Traction chains, rigging supplies and ground engaging tools
Underground Vehicles, Equipment & Components
New and used underground mining equipment; diesel engines, wheels, rims, tires, tire manipulators, rack and pinion hoists, machinery parts and attachments, including powertrain components, buckets, tanks, hydraulic seals, gears, castings, braking systems, wear products, electrical and automation systems, mobile service equipment.
Arkbro Industries (Underground)
Equipment for raise mining, horizontal drifts/tunnels, inclined/vertical shafts
Arva Industries Inc.
Quality heavy machinery that improves productivity and safety
BPT Components & Parts Inc.
Clark parts and components for underground mining equipment
Bull Powertrain
The best service in the powertrain industry
Dux Machinery Corporation
Underground mining equipment worldwide
L&M Powertrain Parts
Powertrain parts, the drive to serve you better
MacLean Engineering
Mining solutions
Miller Technology Inc.
Custom utility vehicles for underground mining
Mobile Parts Inc.
Your parts and brake specialist
Nelmaco Eastern Ltd.
Manufacturer of JOY air and electric slusher units
Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc.
Excellence that goes deeper
Reliance Barker Davies Inc.
Wire rope attachments and supplementary technical services
Premium vehicles and systems for underground mining
Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.
Mining conveyance and loading systems
Walden Equipment
Mining equipment supplier and parts distributor
Wire Rope Industries
125 years of expertise in wire rope solutions
Ventilation Equipment & Components
Ventilation fans; flexible ducting and accessories; airflow metering systems, gas sensors, venting systems.
ABC Ventilation Systems
Customized ventilation systems to fit your underground needs
Accutron Instruments Inc.
Mine and industrial ventilation monitoring with vent-on-demand
K.N. Equipment Inc.
Your global mining partner – flexibility, greater profitability
Maestro Mine Ventilation
Top-quality underground ventilation systems
Mansour Mining Technologies Inc.
Market-leading manufacturer of integrated mining supply products
Rocvent Inc.
Engineered ventilation ducting of all types
Water Treatment Equipment & Services
Technologies for acid mine drainage treatment, water purification, wastewater treatment.
ABC Dust
Dust control, soil stabilization, monitoring and management
Kayden Industries LP
Centrifuge-driven dewatering solutions and solids control innovations

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